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Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month throughout the entire year.  Minutes of Meeting are taken by the Secretary, submitted for viewing here, and presented for approval at the subsequent meeting.

Minutes of Meeting

June 11, 2014

Present:  Gail Weber, Madeline Timm, Heidi Patton, Gladys Sterk, Amy Maier, Mike Fink, Lori Campbell, Alan Clemmensen, Christy Janikowski, Will Loepfe, Maddy Sattler, Denise Sattler, Mark Smith, Mark Wallat, Nancy Salomone, Keary Kunstmann, David Pfeiffer, Rob Elliott, Steve Lewis, Mike Dussault, Kyle Bedalov, Greg Prospero, Devan Schuneman, Rebecca Lugge, Kyle Berg, Tom Gulak, Tim Scott, Ginny Walters, Janelle Isenhoff, Kristine Sterkowitz, Melodie Naumann, Chris Schultz, Patty Hooper, Michelle Harrington, Judy Matsudaira, Bobbi Pschulius.

Gail Weber called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Funding Requests:

  1. Boys track $4300 for coaching.  Gail made a motion to approve the $4300 funding request.  Motion was seconded, all approved and motion carried.
  2. Boys Lacrosse $500 for coaching.  Gail made a motion to approve the $500 funding request.  Motion was seconded, all approved and motion carried.
  3. Girls soccer $1800.  Gail made a motion to approve the $1800 funding request.  Motion was seconded, all approved and motion carried.

Mike reminded everyone how important attendance at the Booster Club is when it comes to funding requests.  A program recently requested funding and only part5ial was approved because that sport did not have good attendance at the meetings.

Gail also commented that Boys Lacrosse did not have the concession stand open at all their games.

Mike is working with the school district to have coaches paid out of the district budget rather than out of Booster Club funds.  He is hoping to have an answer soon.

Mike Dussault, coach for boys track, requested that the concession stand be open for the All Ages Track Meet being held on the football field on June 26 at 4 p.m.  The stand will be open and the coaches contacted to make sure they have volunteers signed up to work.


Madeline Timm made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 14, 2014 meeting.  Motion was seconded, all approved and motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:

Joanne went over the financials.  There is a balance of $7082 in the checking account.  All bills have been paid and accounts have been reconciled.  During the summer months the account funds are at their lowest due to a lower activity level in the stands.

A question was asked about who received the $10,000 scholarship awarded by the Booster Club.  Joanne said that the Booster Club does not decide on the recipient, they leave the decision to KMEF.  She does not know who the recipients are.  Mike has the information in his office and can provide it for anyone who wants to know.


Kohl's Kicking Camp July 19 and July 20.  Gail will get the sign up genius out.  We need lots of help and workers from set up, working the event and clean up.  Big event, last year there were 3000 attendees.  People come from all over the country.  Mike Fink said that John Kohl will be making a $1000 donation to Booster Club.

June 28/29, Basketball Tournament.  Sign up genius is on the KM Booster Club website.  Volunteers are still needed.  Gail suggested that the coaches reach out to all the parents and players.  She believes that not everyone is being made aware of the volunteer opportunities.

Madeline pointed out that the stand needs to be shut down properly after boys' soccer uses it this weekend.  She advised the coach/liaison that the popcorn machine is broken and not usable.

Make Smith inquired about forming a committee to review the layout of the stand on the football field.  It is not set up to run efficiently.  Madeline said that the board has been discussing it for quite a while and everything comes down to having the money to do it properly.  Make volunteered to sit on a committee if one is formed.

Dan Goodman met with Jimmy Johns about their supplying subs to us to sell at our larger events, such as homecoming games, Arrowhead games, etc.  The stand can't keep up with the demand for food and Dan feels that subs would be a nice option, instead of pizza.  Mike Fink said that Jimmy John's wants the opportunity to work with us.

Coaches Concerns:


Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 7:21 p.m.  Patty Hooper seconded, all approved and motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi Patton, Secretary

February 2014

No meeting in January 2014.